Principle Private Residence and Letting Relief

I was asked recently by a client as to what tax reliefs were available where their home (Principle Private Residence) was let under a tenancy agreement, rather than sold when they moved. This was something that we had done a number of years ago, but I needed to brush up on the current rules. The […]

Successful Grant Applications

I was recently involved in carrying out due diligence on grant applications being awarded by a regional LEP. For confidentiality reasons I will not go into great detail, but the experience has been interesting and I feel that I am in a position to provide guidance to organisations looking for grant funding. There are 30 […]

5 year Financial Forecast Model

The Helpful Bean Counter is pleased to offer a free to download 5 year financial forecast model. Please follow the attached link: We are also keen to help you modify the financial forecast model to suit your business. Our fees are very competitive! We offer a free consultation to get to know your business, […]

EIS & SEIS Company Requirements

For EIS and SEIS purposes a company needs to meet a number of requirements at the time of accepting investment and, unless specified otherwise must continue to meet these requirements for a period of at least three years. What requirements must the company meet? The trading requirement A company must exist wholly for the purposes […]

Registering for Self Employment

If you wish to register for self-employment, then you must comply with the official HMRC procedures to ensure that you are paying the correct national insurance (NI) and income tax. How does the government define self-employment? HMRC will consider you self-employed if you are frequently trading goods or services, and take responsibility over the success […]

HMRC’s focus on tax avoidance

HMRC has recently unveiled severe penalties under proposed new legislation seeking to target those intermediaries that provide tax avoidance schemes, and this may have implications for contractors and freelancers, and the use of Umbrella Companies ( Personal services company versus the Umbrella Company ) In the UK tax evasion is illegal, but tax avoidance is not! But […]